Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'm crying.

these are the things that made me cry ,

somebody changed because you teach them to. you make a promise, than you cannot fulfill it because by the time you have to, you were crashed in an lost some parts of your body, but the one you love still accept you no matter who you are.

you had found your true love.but you cannot be with them because you do not have much time to stay have to see your love be with somebody else and you cannot tell them the truth. when you were dying, then the secret revealed.

you lost your mother at the age of one never feel the love from your mother.but the letters that she left for you, were the reasons that make you feel strong. that makes me really appreciate when i still have mother that do really love me.

at the end, i feel sad and they gave me self-realisation, i bet. i guess the story of my life will be just like one of them.and at the end, i guess, i will sacrifice all i have for the one who does really need the thing that i have. i will. it's good to see people feel happy rather than my own self :)

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