Sunday, December 20, 2009

I do apologise,

Basically, i had faced a brand new situation today and it gave me a really hard slap. so, i am here to do apologise on whatever i had done wrong to you. maybe you're gonna say i'm a materialistic girl but again i want to clarify here that materialistic is strictly not my menu. i want to apologise if i do not treat you well as a friend. i do have my own weakness. so, forgive me. there's always reason why did i do so. please understand me, okay? there's other opinion. it stated out that somehow i treat people more that friend, and at the end when "they" confess their feeling to me, i will say, "oh, we're just friends". well, for me, i treat all people just the same. if you think i treat you in a special way, it's up to you. if you think i treat you badly, it's also up to you. it just depends on what you think because at the first place i treat all of you just the same. not more than a friend, and not less than that. on the other hand, people are mad at me because of i fancy someone. again, it's up to me. i have my own feeling and mark my word, i get bored easily. that's why i hate confessing on what do i feel. for me, when i keep my feeling, that's always a smarter choice. because when i confess something, it will end up hurting myself. so better keep quiet right? on the other freaking hand, they said that i'm such a playgirl. let me clarify this. playgirl is a term when you use it to them who has thousand boyfriends at the same time. but i believe i have no special boyfriend. i have lots of friends who are boys, but that doesn't count me as playgirl, right? on the other leg, people said that i'm "friendly" especially to boys. oh. HELL O. i will be friendly if you're. and if you said so, it means that you're the one. so,accept the fact that i'm friendly to the one who is friendly too. if you're untalkative, arrogant, let me just say byebye. you're not qualified enough to be my friend. so, this is my new perception. "i will never make the first step." done for now. please understand me.


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