Friday, December 25, 2009

i agreed,

based on the headlines, some people might think,

"huhh? aliah agreed nak kahwin ke?"

my friends told me that. but nahhh. it's not that. i mean, long time to go :P
basically, it's about me who felt scared and nervous and silly.

i just feel like i wanna die. PMR wohhh. cuak cuak, cuak tak cuak cuak cuak.
pfft. i feel like i wanna be in university terus! but yeah,
in life, there are so many obstacles but one way to overcome it ; face it.

and i have to.

to Amigas, we must break the spell , okayh?

to Eldatera, congratulations!

to Orion, thank you for everything.

okay people, ini la aliah sewaktu dia kecuakan. tahu merepek sahaja. done.

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