Thursday, December 3, 2009

everyday of your life is a learning day,

being at home,
it's not just a jollymolly day
but it gives me loads of self-realisation.

talking to mom about life,

she said that
"jangan pandang rendah to the people
yang mempunyai darjat yang rendah
daripada kita. sebab kita tak pernah
tahu what is gonna happen in future"

talking to ayah about people,

he told me that,
"jangan ingat yang cantik itu baik,
yang selekeh itu gangster"

onto what my mom said,
it is true.
some of my childhood friends
said that i'm totally different.
kinda arrogant and so on.

heyh people,
i'm not that kind of person.
if i don't reply your message.
it means, i got no credit.

to all the unknown numbers
that call and text me,
and try to flirt with me.

sorry. i'm not the kind
of person that will layan
the unknowns.
and i hate people
passing my number to others
especially without my permission.

and to the old friends and new friends,
just treat me as your friends, okayh?
never try to flirt with me.
and stop thinking that
you can be more than that.
long time to go for all this stuff.

when i can see that you're trying
to get into my private life,
asking me about the thing that you shouldn't,
let me just say,


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