Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anywhere but Here ,

What will you do
when you lost your father, and your mother
kept on controlling your life?
You can't hang out with your friends,
you can't do what you want to do as a teenager,
you can't even go to the college that you want.

When I saw this girl, suffering her life
at the age of 17,
I felt sorry to her.

And I am so thankful
that I do not face the life that
she had to face.

But one day,
she hurt her mom's feelings.
she did revenge and so on
without realising that her mom actually
did sacrifice everything that she had
for her only daughter.

at the end,
her mom died and she realised.
that at the end of the day,
her mom was still her mom
and even though
she can't enjoy her life like others can,
but at least,
her mom gave her the chance to
study abroad.
her mom sold all her properties
just for her.

but looking at the situation
that she had to face,
i guess,
this is such a good moral that we,
the teenagers should learn from it.

just easy.
even though,
your parents did control your life,
preventing you to do what you want,
it doesn't matter.
they do this because of several reasons.

because they love you more than everything.
because they do not want you to be someone that you shouldn't be.
because they want you to know that how important you are in their life.

just remember.
anywhere you go,
you must always remember where are you come from.
anyway but here.


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