Sunday, November 29, 2009

what i want is an expensive happiness,


main character :
other characters :

ASCOTT, the residence

staying there for one night. Aliah, did online and played the farmville. others watched movie. acu was busy texting her 'friend'. Atika ate her food.

almost 12.00 p.m.
Aliah had a chat with hannah. she thought to have webcam with her but YM and MSN were being silly that night. she was supposed to sleep because tomorrow they will go somewhere and have to wake up early. at last, she turned off the laptop and started dreaming about ---.

4.00 a.m.
Aliah couldn't sleep. So, she woke her mama up. She took a shower. It was freaking cold, just like being in freezer.

5.00 a.m.
Everyone was awake. Watching movies, WHERE IT LIES BENEATH. it was so scary, seriously.

After Subuh,
They checked out. Started their journey to Genting Highlands.

GENTING hinghlands, 7.30 a.m.

They had their breakfast at this restaurant. Aliah and Atika stayed in the car. they had no appetite. Staying in the car, listen to songs and they did enjoy themselves. Done eating, they started their journey to the theme park. Aliah became the photographer that day :)

the first station that attracted them is the FLYING COASTER. wohhoooo. they felt like superman. hehs, it was awesome. everybody shouted out loud. the loudest shout of coarse from the cheerleader. :P

secondly, they went to the hunted house. pffft. nothing much. all the hantu were still sleeping. Aliah, the most 'brave' of all just closed her eyes and ears. so, she couldn't see or hear anything :P
then we went to the swinging ship. Aliah kept on laughing and she didn't know why. hmm. She's such a weird girl.

Next, they went to the roller coaster stuff. ARGGHHH. it wasn't that scary but the steel, the railway was like hitting their heads. ohhh. how bad did it feel. We went to the SKY SHOOT. you're gonna feel like better you die than being on this thing. it was so scary but it was fun!
After entertaining the small kids, riding the marry-go-round, we went to the stupid labratory. nahh. it was boring. just alien and stuff. Aliah and atika always wanted to the buaian stuff. awhh. trust me, after riding that thing, you'll walk like captain JACK SPARROW. hahaha :P

after that, they just entertained Aiman and Ina. owhh. Aliah did accompany Ina riding the ASTRO JETS. it was so funny seeing big girl on it. haha

then, they're hungry and had their lunch. after that they did shopping at the 1st WORLD PLAZA. and it was so awesome. after the shopping trip, they went back home.

"this is what i want. an expensive happiness"*warm smile*

-the end-

ps, the pictures were not being uploaded yet. please wait until the next series.

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