Monday, November 23, 2009

start a new day.

last nite, i did really enjoy myself. karaoke all the day. dance hall drug.
yeahh. a very wonderful moment. hard to tell you.
the best part was, it wasn't raining. haha
we went to the karaoke bar near malacca jetty smthg like that. ahha,
thnkie ayah for belanja ing me.
haha. sukasuka. sampai rumah, i terus tido.
wahh.wonderful nite. emm, i don't know why.
i sang last night but i dream about something else.
i had a dream,about debate. i had a debate against a university.
and it was so awesome.
isn't it funny when you did something else but your passion is still in ur heart and soul.

i woke up and took a look at my phone.
as usual, i received messages from childhood friends, and
Mr Josh didn't send me any. what to to do.
so, i have to start a new life i guess.
new day, new life. i hope he'll realise that he had committed a big crime.
hurting my feelings. oh yeahhh.
out people. thanks edda.

heartbroken ALIAH

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