Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nur Atika Syahira,

hey my dearest sister,
i know, for you to make a decision is so hard and that's the reason why you ask me some advices, right? here's the thing. the reason why i ask you to choose this way is because i see potential in you. maybe we'll compete one day but i bet this is what our parents want to see from us. if you say, you don't have interest, it doesn't mean you can't do it. dude, we're not born to be in this way but we're made. no matter how hard they push you, you have to appreciate this. because everyone sees the potential in you. one day you can open others' eyes and show it to the world. you can stand up and speak up. it is not an impossible thing to achieve. no matter what. keep on trying. if you do need anything, i'll be right beside you. heyh. i'm your sister for god's sake! just like what ayah did tell us. if you need something, i can share it with you. if i do need something, i hope you can share it with me. that's what sisters for. i have tried my best to persuade you but i'm not a manager to manage your life i just can lead you. but i guess, be in this way will be a such wonderful thing and i know one day you'll have passion in it, just like what i feel. don't worry. the time will come. and i bet you're gonna love it. trust me.

Every great leap forward in your life comes after you have made a clear decision of some kind,
your sister.

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