Thursday, November 12, 2009

A note,

Syahmina was packing up her stuffs,
she would be moving soon. Out of sudden, she saw a note.
From her most trusted friend, Aliah.

"Dear Syahmina,
I have no presents for you,
cause I know everything that I'll give
you is not long-lasting.
so, this is just my advice for you and
I know you'll need this in future.
  • Never be judgmental cause if you're, you're gonna be regretful.
  • Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.
  • Hypocrite is just a waste.
  • Don't you ever degrading your family's pride.
  • Don't leave the one who loves you, because of the one you fancy, because the one you fancy will leave you for the one they love.
  • Just forget about the one you fancy when they never care about your feelings.
  • Let people do all the shit, never reply it with the shit but just a smile.
  • Never think that you're right, cause nobody's perfect.
  • Overcome your weaknesses day by day.
  • If one day you're a leader, please lead them to a brighter future and never be hypocrite in front of them.
  • Be focus on what you want.
  • Respect others, others will respect you back.
  • Lastly, be who you are no matter where you go.

Syahmina was so thankful to Allah and Aliah. Those advices will always be remembered by her. "Thank you Allah for giving me chance to have a true friend like Aliah"

the end

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