Saturday, November 21, 2009


yesterday was our last day
in sekolah seri puteri.
and it was so sad.
esp, leaving the fivers.
debate. and stuff.

the next few weeks,

get to the school,
i'm gonna be in from 3.
and it makes me feel so scared.

be in the car with
my daddy and adeq,
and my stuffs.

memang saya banyak cakap.

"merepek itu saya"

sampai rumah,
ada grandma nad grandpa.

suka cakap dengan my grandpa
about political science.

they watched horror movie.

"penakut itu aku"

so, i decided to change the channel.

it's 12.30 p.m.
went to my room.
took a look at my phone.
got a new msg,
from ...

maxis and astro.

ape ape la.

i'm hopeless :(

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