Thursday, November 26, 2009

i'm weird?

heyh. the day is saved. haha. btw, you know about the serdang thing. i cried about it. haha. it's so funny. the thing here is. i can't debate. isn't it hurt when you can see your friends debating and you don't? em. it's so hurt. but it's okay. i'll be supporting you guys all the way ehh. okayh. now. about my "problem". dah. taknak cerita. i knw it's so funny. haha. taknaktaknak. dude, now i know why did you say i'm weird. haha. i dunno hw many 'hahahahaha' is there but i guess yeah. it's so funny. whtever. now. i hv to study la. entah. apeape la. i can't forget about it. it's just so funny. i hv no idea on what am i talking about. i just got nothing to say. just nak kata, itu kelakar. dan kelakar itu indah. pelik. dah. saya tahu. saya suka ulang benda yang sama. tapi itu kelakar. kan? i'm off. my bro nak guna. main game la, ape lagi. haha. stop laughing aliah. haha. bye.

ps, dude. i'm not missing you. i just get worried and get silly easly :P

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