Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I want you to understand me,

the reason why i do not want to answer all
your questions is i have to.
maybe you'll say i'm rude.
but i know i'm not.
i'm rebelling.

i'm tired of arguing the same thing
and end up you still do not understand me.

even if you try to understand me,
i can feel that you just say it.
to ensure that i'm okay and
i do not get mad or something.

you broke my heart.
sorry for not being a good one
but i have my own reasons
why did i do this.

when it comes to other people,
why do you have faith in them.
why don't you have faith in me?
for this time only.

for me,
once you break my heart,
and you try to do something
to pick up the pieces,
it is just too late.

i can accept your apology
but trusting you for the second time,
it's hard.

i hardly get mad
but i can forgive you.
i hardly trust people,
but when you make me
to not trust you anymore,
i'll never trust you.
for a long time.

your effort isn't sincere enough.
try harder. sorry.

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