Sunday, November 8, 2009

Authentic Love

You can tell me the truth
and not show ityou can make up lies
but I'll always know it

being my friendis worth much more
than crushing my heart
like you did before

feelings aren't pretend
they are mutual and frees
o if you take me as I am
I'll just let you be

love is twice
it creates a whole
but our love was one
and it hurts my soul

I can't change for you
I've already tried
now you need to realize
I'm not some ride

I can't just be repaired with some nails and glue
you really ripped my heart
you tore it in two

I finally left you
and it felt grand
you didn't know why
you didn't understand

I'll tell you this
so don't blink one lash
listen up
cause it's your news flash

you can tell me the truth
and not show it
you can make up lies
but you know I'll always know it .

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