Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Conversation,

I had a chat with my little brother,
Aiman, 8.
I knew that ur first impression was,
I wasn't matured.
No. Ure wrong!
We did talk much.
andand I guess,
I knew a lot of secret of his.

For me,
to know a personality of someone,
I judge through their ambition.
How far their mind could be.

Aiman did talk about his ambition.
engineer wanna be :)
and he told me
about his idea.
To build a tower,
with robot shape.
and what
is the solution to reduce
the crime rates.
and all.

and i guess,
it's good for him.

and out of sudden,
he asked me about
my passion,

he wanna be a debater like me.
and i'm proud of him.

but i asked, why?
and he said,
because i wanna convince people
and change others' mentality.

it's impossible for
me to accept
what i heard just now.

he's just eight and
he talked like he's
and i know,
that's my brother.

to have a dream,
is something good.
to pursue it,
is something difficult.
but when you get what you want,
it's something awesome.

yet i remember about
a book.
How to Get From Where You Are,
to Where You Wanna Be.
and that book's so good.
and it inspired me a lot.

a kid,
is just like a catterpillar.
how you wonder who you'll be.
either a beautiful butterfly
or the ugly bettty one.
but it's okay.
as long as it can fly.
fly fly away.

butterfly can always have a dream.
a dream to be free.
free from everything.
but it needs to face obstacles.
obstacles that make it
realises that
this is life.

the future always
but how we create it,
is something that
will change the brightness of your future.

choose the right colours for your life.
because "backspace" doesn't work in life.
you can make a change
but the impact of the previous
is still there.
you get what i mean, right?

thanks aiman.
for making me realise.
of everything.


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