Thursday, August 13, 2009

People Change

People change,
When things change.

Things change,
When people change.

All made sense.

But the question is,
Is it a good change
or bad change?

In teenage world,
Everything changes.

Your heart,
Your feeling,
Your mind,
Your attitude.

And this things make me
feel afraid.

I'm afraid to be in teenage world.
Cause I know,
Once I changed,
it'll be hard for me to back to normal.

And I'm afraid.

I always hope for good changes.
And I know,
I need to change.

From good to bad.
Not from bad to good.

I will.
I should.
I hope I can.

I wanna be unbeatable.
I wanna beat others
but I don't wanna be beatable.

I wish it'll come true.
I will make it comes true.

Other than that,
we need to change our mentality.

World is developing,
but our mentalities are still shallow.
As shallow as the drain at backyard of my house.

We need to change our mentality.
We need to think maturedly,rationally.

Don't just wishing that miracles will happen.
Don't just hoping that everything will be good.

Think about your future.
Think how to create a better future.
Think about it.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi

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