Sunday, August 23, 2009

MONEY can buy everything?

money is a value.
followed by the countries.
and it is tetap.
people said,,
"money can buy everything."
no money, no clothes.
no money, no raya.
no money, no properties.
no money, we're just nothing.
is it?
but i don't think so.
i believe no.
it is not true.
at all.

in order for you to get money,
you need a job.
in order to get job,
you need skills.
in order to have skills,
you need knowledge.
in order to gain knowledge,
you need to have good attitude.

it's all back to your attitude.

being a contributer,
doesn't mean that you need to be rich.
theye're so many ways to help others.
moral support, advice.
doesn't need money.

all you need to have is knowledge.
the ide to cheer others.
money cannot buy everything.

people always think about social status.
there's always a gap between poor and rich.
we should erase this such bad mentality.

the rich need to remember that
they're once poor.
please be grateful.

the poor,
don't worry.
time will come
for you to breath in rich world.
just don't be regretful.

family cannot be sold or bought.
every person will have one.
but once you lose them,
you'll lose them forever.
money cannot return them back.
appreciate them as long as they're there.

money cannot guarantee that
you're going to have friends.
cause friends cannot be sold or bought.
once you have friends,
that one day,
they'll be gone.
appreciate the way they are.

are you going to stay alive when you have money,

think about it?

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