Sunday, August 23, 2009

Make It Better Next Time :DD

I always wonder.
Mid-Term 2 examination.
I was so freaking all out.
I was so damn scared.
I was so eager to know the result.
And yet,,
I wanna know it.
But my monitor saod,,
"Sir Hanif is sick. Cannot get the result yet."
what should I do.
Be cool.
Myspacing,finishing folio.
stupid stuff.
You can watch the result at the board near the cafe!"
Me and edda hurriedly run.
We're so eager to know.
Here's the result :DD
bm...80 A
eng...93 A
science...95 A
maths...94 A
PAI...100 A
sej...90 A
geog...82 A
kh...65 B
Total : 7 A 1 B
Pointer : 3.91
7th in class
7th in BATCH
but it wasn't good enough :(
try harder
okaydookie aliahh:))

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