Thursday, August 27, 2009


tonight, i could see stars.
so, i went to my garden and sat on the bench, looking to the sky.
sometimes, i wish to be there. but i can't.
so,i stared the stars. and sometimes, i believed that i owned one of them.
but i wasn't.
i looked and looked.
and then, i had a dream.
a dream that i dunno whether it will come true or not.
i wish i'll stay alive. till i can be what i wanna be.
i cannot predict what will be.
tomorrow, in future.
when will i die?
we never know all that things.
talking about death,
i always wish
that i'll die first before
anyone that i love does.
cause i can't face the situation
of losing people that i love.
it's wrong but i can't.
and i was awake from my dream.
and i still look to the sky.
can i see the sky again?
until when?

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