Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gynaecologist or Pediatrician

" Each good thought that you have encouraged and nourished is your life's true work of art."
-Sri Chinmoy

I wonder.
Which one?
Gynaecologist or pediatrician?
I just confuse.
If I choose the first one, I'll open a hospital.
Aliah Syahmina Medical Centre.
Just for ladies.
For the poor,they'll be discount.
I don't want to burden them.
Yet, being a capitalist is not a cruel job.
If I choose the second one,
I'll open a hospital.
For the orphans.
I love kids.
&& I don't want them to suffer.
I hope I manage to make it.
Don't think that I'm the next Princess Diana.
but yeah, she inspired me.
maybe one day,
I'll be someone that can distribute something to the world.
In order to be a constributer, you don't have to be a winner.
It's not about showing off your position or propereties,
but it's about how others feel.
Each footstep you take on this journey of life leaves an imprint of your past,
present and determines your path for the future.

I will.
I hope I could.
and I know,
I should.

hopeful aliah (:

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