Friday, August 14, 2009


"Accept the fact that not all things we want we will get"
Not all flavors I love.
Just certain.
That suits my taste.
And to find the one that I love,
is hard.
One out of fifty.
Now I have found
the lucky cupcake,
and yet I am happy.
As happy as a lark.
I can only enjoy the moment
with my cupcake,
in just 5 minutes.
It was very fast.
Hard to find,
Easy to loose.
After that,
my friend comes to me.
She said she loves the cupcake too.
I can't stand to see
she's having the
But I have too.
Cause she is my friend.
My dearest friend.
And I give it
to her.
Let it go.
if I eat it,
it might be poisonous.
the cupcake does not suit me.
But I still appreciate
the moment with
the cupcake.
Cause it is
the first cupcake
that I love.
And now, I need to find
a new one.
And yet, it must be hard.
And I just wish
that my
new cupcake will always be
thank you little cupcake :)

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