Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm sick. I dunno what it was called. But azura said, that it was kinda like rashes ehh? but yesterday night it was so terukk. my legs like merahh glerr! ohhohh. i know it's kinda disgusting. but i needed to face it. i was like takk tahan glerr and yet, i went to the clinic. ohh gosh! it was so many people. and yeahh. i had to wait. i did myspacing, facebooking and did kind of stuff that made me forgot about my itchiness. emm, and the nurse called my name. and i went in. the doctor was so not good! sorry to say but my specialist, is wayway better. ohh. i wanted an injection. but unfortunately, the medicine needed was not there :(( wth! i needed that things! andand i dunno what to do. then the doctor gave me the same medicine :(( emm, so i decided to go to my grandparents' homie. and i got another traditional medicine. and it worked! haha. now it made me feel better :) thankie to both of themm :)) alhamdulillah. and today, i have to go back to my freaking school. gosh. i would love too but,, it's kinda homesick. ngee. like little kiddo betul :)) haha. but it doesn't matter as long as every weekend i can go back home! haha. the thing that i'm going to miss is my room! new look ! it is so awesome! and i reallyreally love it. thankie ma,pa. emm. and my homie looked totally different. come laa to my homie time raya :)) haha. bye.

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