Thursday, July 30, 2009

There Will Always Be A Rainbow

Mid Term 2 Examination had passed. I had stuggled my best but t seems like it's not my time yet to gain the best. I am so disappointed with my results but yet, I satisfied with it as I had tried the best I can. I am the one who need sacrifice more and to Allah I pray. I wish my final exam will be better. What make me feel disappointed is because of my parents. I know they always wish the best from me. But I've made them feel disappointed. Ohh. I really don't mean to do that. Mom,dad I'll proof to you guys something and it will be unbelieveable. Trust me. I will.

Sorry. I'm really sorry. And yet I still wanna say thank you for always supporting me, and appreciate the way I used to be.

Thank you mom,dad. I really appreciate it.

"you can do it,we have faith in you"- ayah

"forget the past,face tomorrow"- mama

"sometimes,when we loose something,we'll gain something. And the one that we gain is the one that is unbelieveable."- edda hanafi

" The miracles will happen if you believe."- azura aziz

"In Allah we believe, and we can succeed"- anis g

"when we fail,doesn't mean we'll fail always"- niesak

"when we face failure, it makes us strogher to gain success"- miera sham.

Thank you you guys for always supporting me :)

hopeful aliah (:

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