Tuesday, July 28, 2009


what are friends like? were they like rainbows, just come after the rain. or were they like stars, just one can be trusted. any answer? yeahh. till now,i still wonder what are friends like.

there're many types of friends. true friends, best friends, boyfriend. whatelse? but i just have best friends. or in other words to say, besties. i have a true friend. but just one. cause it's hard to find but easy to lose. appreciate your friends the way they are. sometimes, i believe that the one we hate the most is the one that we're going to love the most. cause it happens to me. for several times. but sometimes,when you love that people,it'e not impossible if they will not love you back. i had that feeling though. but i just don't care cause i believe that one day,they will know, whom should they appreciate. "love the one you have, take a great care of them a,don't let them go because of the one whom you like cause one day the one you like will let you go because of the one they love." it's all what is life about. just accept it and enjoy it cause one day, you're gonna feel it.

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