Thursday, June 4, 2009


"Saying a promise is a very easy thing. Keeping or holding to that promise is one of the hardest thing to do (depending on what is the promise). The greatest man alive once said “the heaviest thing to carry is responsibility” n a promise is a responsibility. If you promise to your parents to study very hard, but in the end you don’t. It’s a crime, a crime to you. you not only lied to your mother but most importantly, yourself. Lying to yourself is one thing but most importantly, you defeated the purpose of having a promise which is to do something good or to improve yourself. You failed. The benefit is lost. Zero for you. The one who hold or keep their promise has a bright future ahead for himself/herself and others that is related to him. To keep to that promise isn’t easy, you need commitment. Let’s say you promise yourself to build a sky scraper, but if you don’t do anything, that building won’t come rolling to you. You need to do something in order for it to happen, and that is called commitment and handwork. The 2 most important values that is needed to be learn."

Someone who told me this,made me realise that if I promised to do something I need to do it no matter how hard it is.

MY PROMISES are to..

  • Get A in every subject in every exam

  • Study hard

  • sacrifice my time to necessary things such as study and debate

  • always respect people no matter how suck the people was

  • remember that if I respect people,people will respect me back

  • not get into cintacinta world until i've finished my year in SSP

  • get 8A's in PMR

  • achieve 10A's1 in SPM

  • be the nicest daughter in the world

  • bring SSP debaters to the top

  • do my best everytime I'm debating

  • fullfil my promises

  • to be the way i used to be even if i have fullfil my promises

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