Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life is So Unpredictable

My mom said,
"Not all your dreams may come true."
My father said,
"We plan something but Allah arranges everything.."
My friends said,
"Sometimes we just didn't get what we are supposed to get.."
and I sat at the corner of the room.
Thinking back.About everything.. At first,I didn't admit it.Why?Why is it happening? Life is unfair!
a few moments later, I realised that they are true.
And I need to face the truth.

And today,something happend..and I never expect it to happen.
Life is always unfair,that's a fact.
and today,
I knew something.
Life is unpredictable also.

I thought today will be better than yesterdays
but it just not happening at all.
My day just even worst
and the worst part was,
I never know that it will happen.

I cannot cry.
I cannot shout.
I tried to smile and pretend that everything is just fine.
But inside,I'm dying.

I know that I should just let it be.
I plan to forgive and forget.
And remember that
I will never hate it.

I will forgive the mistaken
and forget what's happening today.
But I will always remember that
you're exists.

I want to go away.
Finding place to hide.
But I chose to sit back down
"life is so unpredictable.."
yet,I smiled and
I walked away.

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