Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm In The Middle

I never expect those to happen.
I dunno why I feel so guilty.
At the end of the day,I lost all my friends.
I don't want that to happen.

At 1.16 a.m. I received a msg.

"Hey, i noe wat's happening. But i dun care. We r just frens je,rite? X lebih dr 2.I dun care u nk ckp i ni penipu ke,backstaber ke,apa2 lah. Just wanna say. I'm sory Aliah dear. Well I'm of now. C u in da future. Sory 2 bother."-A****n.

I just don't get it.

What's happening; for God's sake.
We are friends and not more than that it's the truth.
I'll never say people a liar or backstaber if he doesn't do anything wrong.
Why should I call him that???

That's the first thing.

"WE DON'T HAVE to be fake and betraying our own friends in order to be loved by everyone."
this statement is strictly not to my friends.
It's to someone that is really evil in today's world.
I'm so sorry if you thought that I perli you wtsoevr.
I never.In fact,I know how do you feel.
And I won't betray my own friends.

Note to my besties™ and everyone.
I love you guys and you're the most wonderful friends I've ever had.
Maybe sometimes I was wrong and I'm so sorry because of that.
I don't want to hurt others' feelings and I hope people won't do the same thing
towards me also.
If you're my friends,you'll appreciate the way I use to be.
Because I'm who I am.
Aliah now is just the same with Aliah yesterday and also tomorrow.
If you see there's something wrong,
there's must be something happen.
it's hard for me to fall in love.
but once i have fallen in love,
it's hard for me to forget about it.
if i said I hate you,it doesn't mean I hate you.
if I said I love you,it depends on the situation.
Knowing someone for a month isn't enough.
I need years to recognise people's attitude.
I need years to love someone with full of my heart.
I need years to know that I'm in love.
I hate being forced and
I love to take a challenge.
I'm kinda ego and hard to ask forgiveness.
But once I ask for forgiveness,
it means that I'm sincere enough.
It's hard to understand myself.
In fact I never know who am I actually is.
"Life isn't about finding yourself but it's about creating yourself."
I know about that. But how can I create my ownself if I never know how to create it.
I'm in the middle. And what can I say is just,
I confused about EVERYTHING...

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