Thursday, June 11, 2009


Few people understand me
in the way that you do,
and you can always cheer me up
when i'm feeling blue.

i'm so greatful for the times
that you have been in my guide,
and thankful that
i've always had you on my side.

you're thoughtful,conciderate, funny and kind
you've always be able to make me laugh,
and help me to unwind.

all the things you've taught me
are impossible to measure,
and our friendship in ONE
that i'll always treasure.

although i rarely say this outloud,
the fact that you're my friend makes me
really proud.

i just want you to know
how much i appreciate,
all the kind things that you do,
and the love you radiate.

if ever you're in trouble
or in need of friend,
if you need a shoulder to cry on,
on me you can depend.

the future is something that
we've yet to explore,
but with the two of us
i'm sure there'll be some fun in store.

someone who sent me this,
i do really appreciate
your every single word.
thank you
for being a such
good friend of mine.

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