Tuesday, June 2, 2009


All SSPians were very eager to face the HKSBP.

27th May 2009
Everyone who didn't stay for this HKSBP going back home.The one who stayed was busy helping the prefects and teachers cleaning up the school compound.Debaters????We're in our prep room.Discussing about facts;of coarse.
K.Aqilah..our superr ex-senior debate came to support the school team.really kind kn.We were busy finishing up our board.

28th MAy 2009
Registartion day.A lot of ppl cme here.and yeah.busy of coarse.and we moved from Ixora to Hibiscus 2.All debaters were there.Me,Wann,MC and Azura turned to be crazy girls and yeahh..we took loads of pics!

29th May 2009
Malam Jalinan Mesra??Yang tak terlibat;stay kat luarr hall.
I took a walk with k.Tasha;D

30th May 2009
K.Fatihah's birthday!
went to see her and gave present.Debaters break!We could go to quater final.guess what???
versus STAR!and at nite,juniors gantikn seniors to PICC.dinner with Tan Sri Muhiydin Yassin.haha

1st May 2009
QUATER final.we won!
SEMI FINAL.against SASER.we tak tahu result until the closing ceremony.
and alhamdulillah!we could go to final;this July.
K.Merra is the best speakerr!
afta the ceremony,everone is talking to each other.hmm.at the end of the day,the one i like will never know that i'm alive.yeahh.

2nd May 2009.
balikkk.and now i'm in kuantann.

Basicly,i could learn a lot of things.thnx to the most beloved senoirs.they give us early exposer with a hope tht we can do better in future.thnx to k.aqilah.she taught us how to be a good debater.really thank you.and
k.azalia is a very great captain.i love her so muchh.
k.bainun is a very kind person.she's like my sister.really love her.
thnx to k.qamilla,k.merra and k.amani as well.
a lot of things that they help me.love them too.
i do really hope tht we can pertahankn our kemenangann.
and we can open the teachers' eyes that debate is something not nothing.
debaters can achieve a very gud result in exam too.
at the end of the day,they'll know the truth.

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