Thursday, June 4, 2009


this is what we call as
still stick together no matter what happens

thanks for every single advices.
you teach me how to be good debater.
you teach us everything.
you sacrifice your time for us.
we do really appreciate it.

thanks for spending your time with us.
especially at UIA.
thank you for everi single brilliant idea.
thanks again.


the greatest captain.
thank you cause you give me
a golden chance to go to UIA
and PPM.
you give us a lot of early exposers.
we'll make you proud someday.


we'll miss your smile.
your song is spinning my head now.
I do really going to miss you like hell.
remember that when you are happy,
it makes me feel happy too.
thank you for every single thing.

K.Ameera,K.Qamilla and K.Amani

thank you for every single knowledge that you share with us.

thank you for every single thing.

Love you all.


i'm so sorry.I know that I made a lot of mistakes .
Thank you for letting me knoe that I'm wrong.
You're a such good senior.Thanks for every
single thing.

Amigas Adikara

MC, the wicked witch

thanks for being a such good firend.

you can do it.

just believe in yourself taw=DDD

Mermaid Zure,

I know that I always buat salah,

i'm so sorry.

thnx for everything.

Prince Wann,

maybe I act like I hate you

but i definitely not

we're teammates larh.

thnx for every ideas tht u share with me keyh;

"Adikara,u all teach me how to be a debater.I'm not from the background of dabaters and I always believe that debaters are not born,they're made.Thank you for very single thing.I'll never quit and I'll do anything for debate."

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