Tuesday, May 12, 2009


we're debaters!
this was on the last day of UIA debating competition.
And i was really enjoy myself there!hahaha.
A loads of FUNNY things happend and especially at our MAHALLAH!
Adikara BEST!
oh yea.I also gained a lots of experience and got mannyy friends too! boys???
haish.no time for that.and ada yg kena food poisonous..fried cockroach in fried noodles.
ohh.i team up with k.qamilla,k.amani and k.khai.even thoughh reserve tp best.bg ideaaa.yahooo!
hahaha.guys mintak number???hmm.lumrahh hidupp.cehh.
but remember that i went there is for to gain knowledge not boyss.hahaaha.
i hope next year dpt speak cz nk try debate!i can do it!trust me!!!
K.Afiqah and K.Shaha dtggg.dowg sgt best and coolll!!!
and it was really touching when k.azalia and k.bainun ckp yg they want to see us on the final stage when we are the form fivers nanti.hish.tak SABARRR.and really hope that their;i mean our dream will come true.aminn:)))
erm.kn td i ckp ade funny things..hahaha.bnykk glerr.
1st..mase solat hajatt.jgn ckpplarhh.everyone mengantukkk.and ade one dayh ney..everyone went crazy.wannn;started the event.hahaha.dy tertidoo time first sujuddd.second,k.azalia bce doa nad ttbe ade prkataann 'the fact that mister speaker sir'.hahahahaha
heyh.now i know why they said that debaters are like F.A.M.I.L.Y..
yeahhh.to all UIAannnss..you gonna see SSP at final next year and following year and so onnn.
btw,wann kirim slm.huhuh

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