Tuesday, May 26, 2009


guess what?
HKSBP is just tomorrow and i really
like hell.
and all sspians blk tomorrow.
the ppl who stay,blk 2nd of June.
yeah.it's cool somehow.
i cn cekebrate her b'day.YAHOO.
nut the thing here is,hw am i going to give it to her?
wow.sgt menakuttkn.
mcm mane neyh?
btw,esk thousands ppl some to ssp and yeah.loads of ppl.
gonna see ppl yg debate kt UIA dlue.like duhh~
haha.and i'm NOT bringing my phone as we are not allowed to do so.baekkn?
really bangge being baek =DDD
btw,u noe wt??
i do really really hate the one who suke tuduhh me doing sumthing that i don't do.
like wt the hell???
and i cn rebel if sum1 does tht freaking thing to me.argh!
you cn ask if you're not so sure bt please larh dun tuduh.
4 me tuduh is just like fitnahh.
and yeah.i do really care and love the one who appreciate me the way i am.please.
ppl.appreciate larh ur friends even if they are ugly or wt so everr.don't under estimate themm!
heyh.mcm tazkirah plak.but the thing is i really really geramm.
let's get into debate.
first of all.
i dh prnh db8 for several times and i need to improve in the terms of:-
  • REBUTTLE;should be strongger
  • ELABORATION;need to be more solid

yeahh.that's all i guess.

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