Tuesday, May 12, 2009


haAH.EXAMM is tomorroww.but before exammm..a lots of things happend!

first,after UIA hari tuhh we had overnite and sadd things happend which i was demmamm thp siott.40'c.hahaha

and i tak semmpatt bace buku.and tomorrow examm.but thank god hr tuhh ade weekend and i could spend my time with BOOKS=]]]

one day,while reading books and hampirr tertidoo,ade org pggl i and sgt menakuttknn.andguesswhathappend???n8m8!!!who was it????dearestsasenior.and birthday dy 30thmay and i already have present for her!hahahaha.happy.so.wish me luckk tautautau=))

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