Monday, January 26, 2009

Somebody hates me!

.Glad to Know.

hey guys.i was glad when i knew this.
somebody hates me.
and i was happy.
cause there's someone observe me.

i don't know about it.
she's a girl.of coarse.
erm..where should i start?

once upon a time.
it happens last year.
a girl named Gorilla showed off about her branded stuff.
i don't even care.

this year.
she became a back-stabber.
talking shit about me.
she said that i'm short and fat.
what the f***!
i don't really mind.
then she said that i showed off and
she also said that i was a copy cat.
what the h***!
whatever larh wahai gorilla.

after i heard about that.
i think.
deep in my heart said..
"yeah,maybe i'm fat but she's ugly.
at least i can diet but she can't
change her look."

i want she think..
who is actually showed off.
me or her?

for me,
the one who shows off
is the one who actually
new in wearing something branded.

whateverlah gorilla.
as long as you happy talking shit about others.
for me..
even you hate me, i'm still gonna shine.


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